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With 700+ learning activities to choose from, Google Cloud has designed our comprehensive catalog with you in mind. The catalog consists of a variety of activity formats for you to pick from. Choose from bite-size individual labs, short quests comprising a series of labs, or multi-module courses that consist of videos, documents, labs, and quizzes. Our labs give you temporary credentials to actual cloud resources, so you can learn Google Cloud using the real thing. Earn badges for what you complete, define, track, and measure your success with Google Cloud!

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5 results

  1. Quest

    Begin with Workspace: Essentials

    Earn a skill badge by completing the Begin with Workspace: Essentials quest, where you will get introduced to Google's collaborative platform and learn to use Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Drive, Sheets, and AppSheet. A skill badge is an exclusive digital badge issued by Google Cloud in recognition of your proficiency…

  2. Quest

    Cloud Architecture: Design, Implement, and Manage

    Earn a skill badge by completing the Cloud Architecture - Design, Implement, and Manage quest, a unique quest consisting of a series of challenge labs instead of standard hands-on labs. In this Quest, you will be tested on how to: deploy a publicly accessible website using Apache web servers, manage the configurat…

  3. Quest

    Build Interactive Apps with Google Assistant

    Earn a skill badge by completing the Build Interactive Apps with Google Assistant quest, where you will learn how to build Google Assistant applications, including how to: 1. Create an Actions project. 2. Integrate Dialogflow with an Actions project. 3. Test your application with Actions simulator. 4. Build an Ass…

  4. Quest

    Serverless Cloud Run Development

    Earn a skill badge by completing the Serverless Cloud Run Development quest, where you will learn how to do the following using Cloud Run by connecting and leveraging data stored in Cloud Storage, building a resilient, asynchronous system with Cloud Run and Pub/Sub, building a REST API gateway using Cloud Run, bui…

  5. Lab

    Networking 101

    In this lab you will learn how to perform basic networking tasks on Google Cloud Platform by setting up a network and 3 subnetworks; and how GCP might differ from an on-premises setup.

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