Google Assistant: Build an Application with Dialogflow and Cloud Functions

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Google Assistant: Build an Application with Dialogflow and Cloud Functions


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Google Assistant is a personal voice assistant that offers a host of actions and integrations. From making appointments and setting reminders, to ordering Starbucks and playing songs on Spotify, the 1 million+ actions available suit a wide range of voice command tasks. Google Assistant is offered on Android and iOS, but it can even be integrated with other devices like smartwatches, Google Homes, and Android TVs.

Actions is the central platform for developing Google Assistant applications. The Actions platform integrates with human-computer interaction suites, which simplifies conversational app development. The most widely used suite is Dialogflow, which uses an underlying machine learning (ML) and natural language understanding (NLU) schema to build rich Assistant applications. The Actions platform also integrates with Cloud Functions, which lets you run backend fulfillment code in response to events triggered by Dialogflow requests.

In this lab you will get hands-on practice with the Actions platform, the Dialogflow suite, and Cloud Functions by building a "Silly Name Maker" application, which returns a user with a silly name after they have entered in a lucky number and favorite color. You will build a Dialogflow agent that intelligently parses user input for specific information. The agent will be supplemented with a webhook, which will trigger a Cloud Function that handles fulfillment logic and returns your user with their silly name.

What you will learn

In this lab, you will learn how to:

  • Create an Actions project and build an Action.
  • Configure a default welcome intent.
  • Design an Assistant conversation.
  • Configure a custom intent.
  • Initialize a Cloud Function.
  • Add fulfillment logic and packages to your Cloud Function.
  • Add a webhook to your Action.
  • Test your Assistant application with the Actions simulator on expected and unexpected conversational paths.
  • Optional: test your Assistant application on a Google Home device.


This is a fundamental level lab. Some familiarity with the Actions console and Dialogflow is recommended, but not required. Experience with the GCP Console and shell environments is expected. If you need to get up to speed in these areas, is it recommended that you take the following labs before attempting this one:

Since this lab works with the Actions simulator, having a pair of headphones or turning the volume up on your computer is recommended. If you want to test your Assistant application on a Google Home, keep your device nearby.

Once you're ready, scroll down and follow the steps below to set up your lab environment.

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