Seamless Migration of Customer Traffic to GCP

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Seamless Migration of Customer Traffic to GCP

1 hour 30 minutes 7 Credits


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Apigee Edge enables you to quickly expose backend services as APIs. You do this by creating an API proxy that provides a facade for the backend service that you want to expose. The API proxy decouples your backend service implementation from the API that developers consume. This shields developers from future changes to your backend services. As you update backend services, developers, insulated from those changes, can continue to call the API uninterrupted.

In this lab you will learn how to leverage Apigee to transparently migrate application traffic from legacy backends to GCP-backed systems. if you have completed these labs Securely Expose a SOAP Service to REST via Apigee and App Modernization with Istio using Mixer to Apply Policies from the App Modernization with Apigee quest, you saw how Apigee can help put a modern facade on a legacy backend and how Apigee can add API management functionality when you decide to modernize parts of the backend on GKE/Istio based service mesh.

In this lab you will use Apigee to maintain business continuity which allows the app dev teams to migrate the application traffic across these backends. The rewind script in the Prerequisite instructions will recreate the backends created from previous labs for you. Through the process of migration/modernization, you will realize that the experience of the developers consuming the APIs does not change.

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Upload exported API proxies on storage bucket.

Run Step

/ 40

Verify your API proxies.

Run Step

/ 60