Application Performance Management (APM) with Stackdriver

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Application Performance Management (APM) with Stackdriver

50 minutes 9 Credits


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


This lab uses a fake web application called the Sock Shop to demonstrate the features of Google Stackdriver. In order to have something interesting to troubleshoot, there are two existing problems that you will look for and analyze - but don't worry, you won't need to fix them! During the lab you'll use the following Google Cloud Platform applications to monitor your web app:

  • Take a Debug Snapshot in your applications running on App Engine, Compute Engine and Container Engine.

  • Add log points to a running application, without the need to deploy your app. This is a truly unique (and hopefully useful) feature.

  • Trace your API calls and get a breakdown on response times and potential bottlenecks in your code.

  • Detect and track errors in your application.

  • View Application Logs.

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