Internal Load Balancer

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Internal Load Balancer



Google Cloud's Internal Load Balancer lets you load balance TCP/UDP traffic without exposing your VM's public IP to the Internet.

This example uses a distributed architecture; a Web Tier service connects to an Internal Tier which is distributed across several machines:

In this lab you'll will create a public-facing web server to serve the result of several "complex" calculations, in this case, calculating prime numbers. The prime numbers are each calculated by a micro service that is run on a managed instance group and scaled automatically.

What you'll do:

  • Learn about the components of an Internal Load Balancer
  • Create a managed instance group of backends
  • Point an internal load balancer to the backends
  • Test the internal load balancer, and call it from a public facing web server


  • Basic knowledge of Google Compute Engine (for example from the CP100A courses or Compute the Cosmos Codelab)
  • Basic networking and TCP/IP knowledge
  • Basic Unix/Linux command line knowledge
  • Some knowledge about VPCs is helpful, for example from the other labs in this series

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