Create a Network Load-Balanced Logbook Application

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Create a Network Load-Balanced Logbook Application



In this lab you will learn how to build a logbook application using Node.js as the frontend and MySQL on the backend. You'll also create a network load balancer and an autoscaler to watch the frontend instances and scale when necessary. To start, you'll create templates that define these resources separately. Later, you will call these templates in your final configuration and Deployment Manager will deploy your app.

Your deployment will contain these resources:

By the end of the lab you will have:

  • A single Compute Engine instance that hosts the MySQL database in the backend.
  • An instance template that uses a Docker image to create a managed instance group for the frontend node.js instances.
  • A managed instance group that uses the instance template to create two frontend instances.
  • An autoscaler, a health check, and a load balancer with a forwarding rule and a target pool for the managed instance group.

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