NGINX Ingress Controller on Google Kubernetes Engine

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NGINX Ingress Controller on Google Kubernetes Engine


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In Kubernetes, Ingress allows external users and client applications access to HTTP services. Ingress consists of two components: Ingress Resource and Ingress Controller.

  • Ingress Resource is a collection of rules for the inbound traffic to reach Services. These are Layer 7 (L7) rules that allow hostnames (and optionally paths) to be directed to specific Services in Kubernetes.
  • Ingress Controller acts upon the rules set by the Ingress Resource, typically via an HTTP or L7 load balancer. It is vital that both pieces are properly configured to route traffic from an outside client to a Kubernetes Service.

NGINX is a popular choice for an Ingress Controller for a variety of features:

  • Websocket, which allows you to load balance Websocket applications.
  • SSL Services, which allows you to load balance HTTPS applications.
  • Rewrites, which allows you to rewrite the URI of a request before sending it to the application.
  • Session Persistence (NGINX Plus only), which guarantees that all the requests from the same client are always passed to the same backend container.
  • Support for JWTs (NGINX Plus only), which allows NGINX Plus to authenticate requests by validating JSON Web Tokens (JWTs).

The following diagram shows the architecture described above:


This lab illustrates how to set up a Deployment in Kubernetes with an Ingress Resource using NGINX as the Ingress Controller to route/load balance traffic from external clients to the Deployment. This lab explains how to accomplish the following:

  • Create a Kubernetes Deployment.
  • Deploy NGINX Ingress Controller via Helm.
  • Set up an Ingress Resource object for the Deployment.

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