Data Engineering

Advanced · 10 ラボ · 49 クレジット · 7時 5分

Cert Exam Practice Data engineering

This advanced-level quest is unique amongst the other Qwiklabs offerings. The labs have been curated to give IT professionals hands-on practice with topics and services that appear in the Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Certification. From Big Query, to Dataproc, to Tensorflow, this quest is composed of specific labs that will put your GCP data engineering knowledge to the test. Be aware that while practice with these labs will increase your skills and abilities, you will need other preparation too. The exam is quite challenging and external studying, experience, and/or background in cloud data engineering is recommended.

Weather Data in BigQuery

In this lab you analyze historical weather observations using BigQuery and use weather data in conjunction with other datasets. This lab is part of a series of labs on processing scientific data.

Icon  fundamental fundamental 5クレジット 35 分

Analyzing Natality Data Using Datalab and BigQuery

In this lab you analyze a large (137 million rows) natality dataset using Google BigQuery and Cloud Datalab. This lab is part of a series of labs on processing scientific data.

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 30 分

Predicting Baby Weight with TensorFlow on Cloud ML Engine

In this lab you train, evaluate, and deploy a machine learning model to predict a baby’s weight. You then send requests to the model to make online predictions. This lab is part of a series of labs on processing scientific data.

Icon  expert expert 9クレジット 1 時間 30 分

Bigtable: Qwik Start - Hbase Shell

This hands-on lab will show you how to use the HBase shell to connect to a Cloud Bigtable instance. Watch the short video Bigtable: Qwik Start - Qwiklabs Preview.

Icon  intro introductory 1クレジット 30 分

Run a Big Data Text Processing Pipeline in Cloud Dataflow

In this lab you will use Google Cloud Dataflow to create a Maven project with the Cloud Dataflow SDK, and run a distributed word count pipeline using the Google Cloud Platform Console.

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 40 分

Dataproc: Qwik Start - Console

This lab shows you how to create a Google Cloud Dataproc cluster, run a simple Apache Spark job in the cluster, then modify the number of workers in the cluster, all from the gcloud Command Line. Watch these short videos, Dataproc: Qwik Start - Qwiklabs Preview and Run Spark and Hadoop Faster with Cloud Dataproc.

Icon  intro introductory 1クレジット 30 分

Google Cloud Platform での IoT 分析パイプラインの構築

このラボでは、Cloud IoT Core を使用して端末を接続および管理する方法、Cloud Pub/Sub を使用して情報のストリームを取り込む方法、Cloud Dataflow を使用して IoT データを処理する方法、BigQuery を使用して IoT データを分析する方法を説明します。

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 50 分

Working with Google Cloud Dataprep

Cloud Dataprep is Google's self-service data preparation tool. In this lab, you will learn how to use Cloud Dataprep to clean and enrich multiple datasets using a mock use case scenario of customer info and purchase history.

Icon  fundamental fundamental 5クレジット 1 時間

Classify Text into Categories with the Natural Language API

In this lab you’ll learn how to classify text into categories using the Natural Language API

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 1 時間

Predict Visitor Purchases with a Classification Model in BQML

In this lab you will use a newly available ecommerce dataset to run some typical queries that businesses would want to know about their customers’ purchasing habits.

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 1 時間

Predict Taxi Fare with a BigQuery ML Forecasting Model

In this lab you will explore millions of New York City yellow taxi cab trips available in a BigQuery Public Dataset, create a ML model inside of BigQuery to predict the fare, and evaluate the performance of your model to make predictions.

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 1 時間