Deployment Manager

9 ラボ · 55 クレジット · 8時 20分

Service Area (Advanced) Deployment manager

In this Quest, the experienced user of Google Cloud will learn how to describe and launch cloud resources with Deployment Manager, the Google Cloud service that allows you to work with "Infrastructure as code". In these nine hands-on labs, you will work with example templates and understand how to launch a range of configurations, from simple servers, through full load-balanced applications.

Deployment Manager: Qwik Start

This hands-on lab shows you how use Deployment Manager to create a simple configuration file, and deploy that configuration to create a running environment in the Google Cloud. Watch the short video Easily Manage Resources with Google Cloud Deployment Manager.

Icon  intro introductory 1クレジット 30 分

Configuring Deployment Manager Templates

This lab creates a basic Deployment Manager (DM) configuration for deploying resources in Google Cloud Platform.

Icon  fundamental fundamental 5クレジット 45 分

Create a Cloud SQL Instance Using Deployment Manager

In this hands-on lab you’ll access a repository which contains sample deployment manager templates, and practice launching a CloudSQL instance with an example template. The template you’ll practice with launches one master database instance along with a read replica.

Icon  fundamental fundamental 5クレジット 30 分

Deployment Manager for Appserver

You'll create a YAML Deployment Manager template from scratch, configure the properties and identify and resolve YAML syntax issues in a template.

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 50 分

Deployment Manager - パッケージとデプロイ

このラボでは、Python アプリケーションを開発し、それをサービスとして GCP にデプロイします。コードを使用し、既存のアプリケーションをパッケージ化します。

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 1 時間 10 分

Deployment Manager - Adding Load Balancing

In this lab you will package and deploy a more advanced load balancing and autoscaling version of the Echo service. The infrastructure that Deployment Manager templates will create places Echo

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 50 分

Deployment Manager - Full Production

In this lab you will launch a service using Deployment Manager, and monitor it using Stackdriver. You will set up basic black box monitoring with Stackdriver Dashboard and establish uptime check alert notification to trigger incident response.

Icon  expert expert 9クレジット 1 時間 30 分

Create a Custom Network Using Deployment Manager

This lab creates a complex Deployment Manager (DM) configuration for deploying a custom network resource in Google Cloud Platform. It also explains the basic fundamental block of developing a Deployment Manager.

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 1 時間 15 分

Create a Network Load-Balanced Logbook Application

This lab shows you how to build a logbook application using Node.js as the frontend and MySQL on the backend. You'll also create a network load balancer and an autoscaler to watch the frontend instances and scale when necessary.

Icon  advanced advanced 7クレジット 1 時間