Google Cloud Solutions I: Scaling Your Infrastructure

10 Labs · 76 Credits · 9h 25m

Use Case (Experienced) Solutions scaling infrastructure

In this Quest, you will learn common solution patterns compiled by Google's own Solutions Architects. Each hands-on experience presents an application of multiple Google Cloud services to accomplish a common technical use case. These labs are at Advanced or Expert level, and students should have earned at least 2-3 badges prior to attempting these labs. Suggested prerequisites: GCP Essentials Quest, Networking in the Google Cloud Quest, and Kubernetes in the Google Cloud Quest.


Building High Availability and High Bandwidth NAT Gateways

This lab shows you how to set up multiple NAT gateways with Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) routing and autohealing enabled for a resilient and high-bandwidth deployment.

Icon  advanced advanced 7 Credits 1 Hour

Autoscaling an Instance Group with Stackdriver Custom Metrics

This lab describes how to deploy an autoscaling Compute Engine instance group that is automatically scaled using a custom Stackdriver metric

Icon  advanced advanced 7 Credits 45 Minutes

Customizing Stackdriver Logs for Kubernetes Engine with Fluentd

This lab describes how to customize Stackdriver logging using Fluentd for a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster.

Icon  expert expert 9 Credits 1 Hour

Hello Istio with Kubernetes Engine

Learn how to install and configure Istio, an open source framework for connecting, securing, and managing microservices, on Google Kubernetes Engine. You will also deploy an Istio-enabled multi-service applicaiton.

Icon  advanced advanced 7 Credits 45 Minutes

Setting up Jenkins on Kubernetes Engine

This hands-on lab will show you how to set up Jenkins on Google Kubernetes Engine to help orchestrate your software delivery pipeline.

Icon  advanced advanced 7 Credits 1 Hour

Continuous Delivery Pipelines with Spinnaker and Kubernetes Engine

Create a Kubernetes Engine cluster, deploy an application, and use Spinnaker to continuously deploy the application when changes are made to the application.

Icon  expert expert 9 Credits 55 Minutes

Deploying a Fault-Tolerant Microsoft Active Directory Environment

In this Qwiklab, you set up a redundant pair of Windows Domain Controllers (DC) with AD using a new Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network and multiple subnets on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Icon  expert expert 9 Credits 1 Hour

Deploying Memcached on Kubernetes Engine

In this lab you'll learn how to deploy a cluster of distributed Memcached servers on Kubernetes Engine using Kubernetes, Helm, and Mcrouter.

Icon  advanced advanced 7 Credits 1 Hour

Running Dedicated Game Servers in Google Kubernetes Engine

This lab will show you how to use an expandable architecture for running a real-time, session-based multiplayer dedicated game server using Kubernetes on Google Container Engine.

Icon  expert expert 9 Credits 1 Hour

Distributed Load Testing Using Kubernetes

Lab has instructions to conduct distributed load testing with Kubernetes, which includes a sample web application, Docker image, and Kubernetes controllers/services.

Icon  fundamental fundamental 5 Credits 1 Hour