Accelerate 2019: Google Cloud SCORE... PreGame!

Fundamental 4 Steps 4h 28 Credits

If you are a GCCT Technical Attendee at Accelerate 2019 Las Vegas (Jan 28-31, 2019), enroll now and complete this Quest. You'll be part of an on-site competition, Google Cloud SCORE, where you'll take hands-on labs to score points and compete with your colleagues to win prizes. The five labs in this Quest are the prerequisites: you need to complete these before attending, and the points you earn for completing these labs will be part of your event score. In order to maximize your final score and have a chance to be on the leaderboard, you must complete these labs!


These are advanced labs for the technical attendees at Accelerate 2019. The expectation is that you have foundational GCP knowledge across all platform tools and services and have taken self-paced labs on the Qwiklabs platform before.

Quest Outline

Hands-On Lab

Managing Deployments Using Kubernetes Engine

Dev Ops best practices make use of multiple deployments to manage application deployment scenarios. This lab provides practice in scaling and managing containers to accomplish common scenarios where multiple heterogeneous deployments are used.

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Hands-On Lab

TensorFlow for Poets

In this lab you will learn how to install and run TensorFlow on a single machine, then train a simple classifier to classify images of flowers.

Hands-On Lab

Predict Taxi Fare with a BigQuery ML Forecasting Model

In this lab you will explore millions of New York City yellow taxi cab trips available in a BigQuery Public Dataset, create a ML model inside of BigQuery to predict the fare, and evaluate the performance of your model to make predictions.

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Hands-On Lab

Kubeflow End to End

In this hands-on lab, you will install Kubeflow on an empty Kubernetes Engine cluster and use it to train and serve a sequence-to-sequence model using TensorFlow, Keras, and SeldonIO.

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